Poetry Springs Event Center Dallas Wedding

Ryan and Amanda celebrated their union on Sept 6 at Poetry Springs Events Center. This super cute couple, who met during an earthquake drill in Law School or at a friends going away party (it depends on who you ask), wanted their wedding to be full of laughter and smiles from close family and friends, with a romantic air. And that is exactly what they got.

Burlap and lace provided the base of the decore at Poetry Springs, lots of greenery, succulants, mason jars, photos, and cookies did the rest. The 30 minute outdoor ceremony was not without a couple of hiccups (impending storm, no music during the bridal party march, unity candle blowing out), but it was all wiped away with giggles, well written vows, and a sweet kiss to seal the deal. The well thought out reception included lots of laughter, a surprise music video, and tons of fun dancing, perfectly reflecting this couples love for eachother, their family, and their friends.

Of Course, the couple couldn’t be happier.

When asked why they chose Wedding Shoppe Dallas to cover their special day, the “more artsy/more picky” (again, depends on who you ask) groom responded “the sample photos posted online were the exact type of look we both envisioned for our wedding. You can imagine our thrill when hearing Wedding Shoppe was available the weekend of our special day. We made our final decision after communicating with Wedding Shoppe and truly experiencing the professionalism of the company – we were sold, and we’ve smiled about that decision ever since!”

Congratulations Ryan and Amanda P. You were truly a very sweet couple to work with!